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You have just entered to the web-page of Anna-Foundation. May Lord’s peace be with you!

Anna Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is offering an opportunity to live in a quiet, healthy, and spiritual environment of an Orthodox community. The holistic life-rhythm of the society is based on the teaching of the Orthodox Church. Everyday life and wellbeing is carried by the rhythm of the calendar of the Orthodox Church, but also by the holistic life-rhythm and the spirit of the communal support. You can become a resident/inhabitant of Anna Foundation by signing a contract of tenancy. Every family or an adult person can become an inhabitant regardless of their social status. Anna Foundation wishes to be open to different types of cooperation with different partners. Our primary partners are the monastery of Holy Forerunner/St. John the Baptist, the local municipality, and the local village society. Anna Foundation is a politically and socially independent community that is organized by different bankrollers and supporters. Anna Foundation does not expect its inhabitants to belong to the Orthodox Church, nor to any other church. However – you should have respect towards the Orthodox culture and willingness to be bounded to common  lifestyle.